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  • Amelia Nicholson

World Mental Health Day 2022

Today is World Mental Health Day - the theme this year is centred around ensuring mental health and wellbeing is a global priority for all.

Mental health and wellbeing in our professional lives is so important, as much as it is within our personal lives.

At Goom, we work hard to promote an environment that fosters open communication, so each of the team feel supported with the knowledge that they have people to talk to if they are experiencing personal or work-related difficulties.

Sometimes reaching out to talk can feel daunting, so our anonymous employee assistance programme also offers help and support. The programme offers information to promote and encourage mental and physical health, and overall well-being, including:

- Wellbeing activities, such as guided meditations

- Guidance on a wide scope of personal and professional difficulties, including relationships, financial, and legal information.

- Ability to contact a counsellor at any time

- Information regarding mental health conditions

- Monthly plans to improve wellbeing

- Guides for improving physical health, including exercising, sleeping better, and eating healthier - all components that help us feel healthier both physically and mentally.

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